Investigation services are maybe required in any aspect or field of life. Whether it may be a corporate company or an educational institute. Timely investigation is essential to sort out matters without complicating them.

Here are the reasons you might need Investigation Services:

  • Employee Deliquency

One of the most prevalent causes for a company’s need for corporate investigation services is employee wrongdoing. If a supervisor feels an employee is behaving inappropriately at work but lacks the time to continually watch them, they may consider hiring a surveillance specialist to investigate. Employee misconduct is a broad word that encompasses a wide range of unethical behaviour, including:

  1. Harassment, whether sexual, physical, or verbal
  2. Threatening or intimidating behaviour
  3. Bullying
  4. Payroll exploitation
  5. Abuse of substances
  6. Insubordination
  7. Theft of time
  • Internal Investigations

Another reason your organisation may want corporate investigative services is to perform an objective workplace inquiry. These investigations are typically conducted in reaction to a recent workplace event or allegation of corporate misconduct.

Workplace occurrences might involve injuries, threats, or harassment, and should be investigated as quickly as feasible by an impartial third party. Internal investigations, on the other hand, investigate into potential criminal conduct such as fraud in order to identify the offender. In these situations, corporate investigation agency in London would be the best solution. The following are some examples of frequent offences that internal investigations aim to uncover:

  1. Bribery
  2. Laundering of funds
  3. Misuse of business assets
  4. Check forgery
  5. Shell corporations
  6. Fraudulent purchase orders
  7. Computer swindle
  8. Contract swindling
  9. Credit card theft
  • Tracking an Individual

You may want to track someone to ensure their safety, or you may want to track a partner to ensure their faithfulness. Businesses may also wish to track their vehicles in the event of theft or if they think their vehicles are being used in violation of the company’s fair use regulations.

Whatever your reason for wanting to track someone down, a private investigator can help you set it up without the other person knowing. These trackers may be configured for long-term use, and real-time updates are available via Apple and Google Maps.

  • Investigation for Frauds

 Investigators can assist people and organisations in circumstances of possible fraud. A private investigator can study papers and perform surveillance to see if any sort of fraud is taking place, such as vehicle insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, or homeowner fraud.

For corporations, a CEO may choose to hire a private investigative agency to avoid embezzlement or to do background checks on personnel to prevent the company from hiring someone who has previously been sued for fraud.

  • Document Processing

If you have a legal practise and require documents delivered to a defendant, a private investigator known as a process server is usually utilised.

A process server’s primary responsibility is to notify someone that they are the subject of a court proceeding. Tracking these persons down can be tough and time-consuming at times, but with the correct tools, a private investigator can trace and serve papers in a timely and professional manner.

Process serving varies per organisation, but it’s important to note that you should employ a private investigation agency with legal knowledge and an understanding of the procedure chain.

  • Running Background Checks
    Although most individuals leave a trail on that can be found by a Google search these days, the information that cannot be accessed in this manner is frequently the information that a person or corporation would like to discover. If you are looking for Private Investigator agency Toronto, there are a lot of options to look from!

Hiring the incorrect individual who may have criminal records, may have been involved in fraud, or may have lied about their qualifications and job experience can have serious consequences for a firm, both financially and in terms of reputation.

Background checks may reveal problematic information about a person who is hired to care for a vulnerable person, such as a kid or a grandparent, and may keep your family safe.


The reasons listed above are some of the most typical reasons for hiring  private investigation agencies, however there are many more that have not been included. If your scenario does not involve any of the aforementioned factors, please contact us since we have been doing investigations for many years and have been requested to conduct investigations that have even astonished us.