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Discretion, ethics, and service are significant values to us. For every time that the facts and nothing but the facts are sufficient, Facts Investigations is the partner that you need in your corner. Leaving no stone unturned, letting no detail fall by the wayside, pushing ourselves for your benefit, we always guarantee outstanding investigative service to all our clients.


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Facts Investigations offers process serving and court services. We will file court papers, retrieve documents, and serve legal documents to defendants or persons that are involved in court cases. Legal documents such as claims, subpoenas, complaints, demand letters, and garnishments will be delivered in a professional and timely manner. It is not required to use a process server in most jurisdictions but there are definite advantages with the use of one. Importantly, certain laws need to be adhered to while serving legal documents. Our expertise will guarantee that the requirements are strictly followed to ensure that the documents are served properly and will be recognized by the courts.


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With the volume of paperwork to be collected and taken care of along with the legal documents to be presented to the clients, outsourcing litigation services is the best choice for law firms or attorneys. Private investigators support clients in litigation matters to lessen their client’s burden so that they can concentrate on other important matters.

Law firms or attorneys are apprised of the significance of organized and compiled case documents and legal files. Working on lawsuits is an exhausting job itself. It is important to know the truth to proceed with the case as plaintiffs or defendants tend to portray themselves in a different light and exaggerate the facts. Litigation service providers jump in the ground to assist attorneys and law firms in their surveillance tasks. 

Finding the best private investigator across the province, let alone Canada, can be a hectic thing as the market is becoming extremely saturated. We, at Facts Investigations, ensure to systemize your files and undertake the related tasks quite conveniently.

Litigation support includes but is not limited to the following services:

  • Trial presentation assistance
  • Witness location
  • Forensic services
  • Documents review
  • Deposition services
  • Record retrieval
  • Legal drafting
  • Legal coding 
  • E-discovery


Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!