Do not let these beautiful smiles trick you into believing they are professionals. They will only treat your case as another file or number and assign beginner investigators to maximize their own profits!

At Facts Investigations we tend to our clients’ case-specific needs
with great care!


Facts Investigations is committed to delivering positive and beneficial results to our clients within their budgets and tight deadlines. With our team of experienced and knowledgeable investigators, clients can be assured their cases are handled with the utmost discretion, ethics, and professionalism!

When assigned a case, we simply do not just reassign it to the first available or cost-effective investigator to maximize our profits. We understand that such practices are common within the field. Therefore, we assign the best investigators to a case to ensure it is adequately investigated. We carefully review your case, its needs, and specific requirements. After, we then assign an experienced investigator with the expertise in handling your case and is dedicated to delivering the facts with integrity. Our team closely monitors the assignment and keeps you well informed and up to date throughout our handlings.

All our clients and their cases are handled with a high degree of importance and are not treated as just a file or number. Contact us today and let us help you discover the Facts!

Nothing matters more than the facts. Everyone needs to know the truth when someone strikes them the wrong way. Facts Investigations meticulously observes and investigates the person of interest or the subject to excavate the facts. Our investigators have insurmountable and unassailable skills to perpetuate espionage effectively. We have been auspiciously serving our clients for years throughout various regions with our outstanding services across a variety of domains.

Facts Investigations provides the surveillance and investigation for insurance, familial matters, individual, litigation, background, corporate, workplace, and legal issues. We provide fully-fledged and efficacious investigation reports to our corporate, individual, and law professionals. Our certified investigators present several alternatives that you should consider for the best course of action.

Our investigators have vast experience in the investigation field. We use a blend of traditional and the latest technologies to collect and preserve media materials and evidence for our clients. Facts Investigations is a full-service provider and acts as a one-stop solution for all your investigation requirements. The investigators we employ have specialized expertise in the area they serve in.

We provide our services across different localities of Canada, from London to Ottawa. Our service areas include 16 different vicinities where we have assisted thousands of people in their daunting and heart-rending times. We can imperiously say that we are the most budget-friendly and economical private investigators. We assure the confidentiality and sanctity of our clients. The information we collect on their behalf is secured with us.


Being among the most credible and versatile private investigators, Facts Investigations has earned a stature and is a name of trust for clients. Condemnation without surveillance and investigation can cost you greatly. We are your investigation partners to collect the shreds of evidence enabling you to make an informed decision


Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!