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WSIB Investigations Agency Ontario


The most significant risk for employers that cost them money, time, resources, and statutory are Workplace Insurance and Safety (WISB) claims. Employees may exaggerate an injury or can even completely fake it to claim workplace insurance. Thus, it becomes obligatory to detect WSIB frauds as the company’s reputation is at risk.

WSIB Fraud Investigations

More and more employers are comprehending the prominence of workplace investigation in discovering, detecting, and preventing the reoccurrence of WSIB frauds. To investigate whether the injury or accident was either natural or pre-planned and the injuries were exaggerated or not is daunting and hard to fulfill the task of whether it is a fraud without experienced investigators.

Types of WSIB Frauds

The most commonly known frauds relating to WSIB are:

  • Exaggerating or misrepresenting injuries or illnesses to claim benefits
  • The bills for services are misrepresented or not provided at all
  • Falsely claiming that a particular injury is work-related
  • Manipulating the cause of an accident
  • Submitting a wrong medical report 
  • The setting-up blaze in the workplace 
  • Falsifying workplace theft

Employees commit these frauds to claim the WSIB benefits. Organizations must hire a private investigator so that the investigations can be managed properly without any biases. Ontario’s Bill 168 became the legal obligation in June of 2010 to emphasize hiring a private investigator to thoroughly know about the facts before making any decision.

How Do We Carry Out the Investigation?

With Facts Investigations’ expertise, we detect the actual reason behind the claim and identify the fraudulent activities. Overall, this sets us apart from other private investigation agencies. We start by doing background checks of the person(s) involved to find out any criminal or fraudulent history which is followed by the field visit. We then put forth our best efforts to locate the correct witness(es) of the incident and conduct interviews to identify the truth. Lastly, we prepare video evidence of the contradicting facts to solve the situation effectively and efficiently.

Hiring a private investigator for WISB frauds can provide immense support to management. Our private investigators are credible, accountable, fair, and impartial. We serve corporate clients, HR managers, municipal managers, insurance adjusters, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to collect shreds of evidence of the injury or claim. Facts Investigations aim to prevent employees from abusing their benefits.



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Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!