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Discretion, ethics, and service are significant values to us. For every time that the facts and nothing but the facts are sufficient, Facts Investigations is the partner that you need in your corner. Leaving no stone unturned, letting no detail fall by the wayside, pushing ourselves for your benefit, we always guarantee outstanding investigative service to all our clients.


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Investigative research is intended to unveil the secrets, obscured or hidden facts, and information that can build a more elaborated and comprehensive picture of the case under investigation. Our thoroughness, perseverance, and discretion are trusted by many of our clients. Employers, financers, or directors who are considering entrusting someone with access to professional, business, and personal information should consider getting the related information.

Looking to hire a private investigator in Toronto, Hamilton, London, Sudbury, and nearby cities? You can count on Facts Investigations. A piece of trusted evidence can give you wholesome information to flip and change your perspective and decision. It is no cliché that private investigators in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, or Markham nowadays realize the importance of detailed information needed to make significant decisions.

Investigative research includes collecting information from several resources. These resources are digital or by using old-school methods of surveillance. Investigative research plays a significant role and can be done in different ways, some of the well-known ones are as follows:

  • Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring the social media accounts of the concerned person(s) can showcase a great deal of personal information required to proceed with a business transaction or for any other purpose. 

  • Skip Tracing Services

If, for example, a person intends to locate someone, and for some reason, the person who is to be sought does not want to be found, our investigators possess the skills to skip trace the person who is laying low. 

  • Background Checks

Running background checks is an important task before hiring someone or making a deal within a business to know about their employees’ criminal records and history.

  • Locating Services

Facts Investigations provide the services of finding the whereabouts of estranged family members, locating them, and finding a source to reunite them. 

  • Asset Searches

Investigating the hidden and secret assets of a person is a difficult task as the person may have stashed several assets outside the city or even the country. 

Facts Investigations is well known for the professionalism of private investigators across Hamilton, London, Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding localities. Our experts have the competence to uncover the required data while maintaining the secrecy and respect of our clients. Once the pieces of evidence are collected, we provide a full-fledged final report containing all the discovered evidence to our clients.


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Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!