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Sudbury is a diverse and welcoming city and our skilled and efficient investigators embrace such traits. Facts Investigations aims to serve the individual, professional, and corporate cases to support and shield them from certain integrity breaches. We employ the best private investigators to ensure the credibility and reliability of the work they will be doing on our behalf.

Getting through the individual, familial, corporate, or business frauds can be a heart-rending experience for anyone. Our professional investigators are highly-skilled and equipped with a tremendous past experience to handle sensitive cases. Facts Investigations has the privilege to be called as one of the best private investigators of Sudbury. 

We serve our clients for various cases and some commonly known ones are:

  • Workplace investigations

This is carried to find out any illegal, unethical, and law-breaking activity at the workplace. Employees, directors, managers, or support staff can disperse sensitive information about your business to the rivals and you have to find out who is doing this.

  • Divorce and family

During the divorce cases and child custody issues, we are hired to locate the assets, carry out the background checks, find out spouse’s infidelity, and providing the legal documents required for the proceedings.

  • Cheating spouse

If someone is suspecting that the partner is cheating on them, they have the full right to root into the truth to make a better decision about their lives. It is observed that most of the time, these intuitions prove to be correct.

  • Insurance frauds

The claimant might have exaggerated the accident, set the blaze on purpose, faking the injury, or provided the fake medical bills to claim insurance benefits. Insurance companies hire us to investigate the truth about an incident.  

  • Corporate frauds

Corporate frauds may include but are not limited to, employee theft, ghost employees, personal purchases, skimming, and unauthorized use of sensitive data. These frauds can be a great threat to the stature of the company, therefore need to be investigated by the best private investigator. 

  • Skip tracing

It refers to find out the traces and location of a person who intended not to be found. The person of interest is usually involved in legal cases, frauds, or is a potential witness to a crime or accident. The person who is skipping has a solid reason for not to be found. 

  • WSIB frauds

Employees or workers may fake or exaggerate an incident at the workplace to claim greater benefits for injury or long-term disability claims. However, the claim could be totally falsified and the injury might be from an offsite accident. 


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Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!