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Discretion, ethics, and service are significant values to us. For every time that the facts and nothing but the facts are sufficient, Facts Investigations is the partner that you need in your corner. Leaving no stone unturned, letting no detail fall by the wayside, pushing ourselves for your benefit, we always guarantee outstanding investigative service to all our clients.


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A background check or investigation is a thorough and circumstantial report that uncloaks the facts about the person of interest. Including but not limited to criminal records, educational background, provincial and superior court checks, marital status information, employment history, and legal and litigation matters. People hire a private investigator to fulfill a background check of a particular person before making an impending deal or relation. 

For the executive-level jobs or the ones that need a high level of integrity, management’s major concerns are about the reliability of the prospective employee. Facts Investigations specializes in completing thorough, comprehensive, and scrupulous background checks no matter what the concern is.

Quotidian Types of Background Checks

Various types of background checks are used for different situations. We run background checks of all types including the ones that are mentioned below:

  • Employment background check
  • Universal background check
  • Fingerprint checks (if required)
  • Criminal background check
  • E-verifications checks
  • Credit background checks
  • Personal background checks
  • Employment history checks

These services are most commonly used as corporate or personal investigators are interested in unveiling the facts and truth about the subject at hand. Besides this, background checks are categorized into three major types, they are the following:

Workplace Background Checks

Our investigators collect information about employment history, educational background, workplace behaviour, reference checks, a record of theft, and violation of workplace ethics.

Personal background checks

In case you are hiring a caretaker, nanny, a babysitter for your loved ones, or considering a proposal, it is important to hire a private investigator to know about the background of the candidate. 

Criminal background checks

Criminal checks are completed for various reasons such as qualifying for a job or a scholarship or anything within this frame of reference. Besides this, corporate or private clients ask for criminal background checks to perceive the plausibility of the person in question. 

No matter what the concern of the client is, Facts Investigations provides a thorough report of required background checks of the person in question so that you can make a secure and life-saving decision. Our final reports include documents, pictures, videos, and interviews as proof of the person’s credibility.


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Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!