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Our certified investigators are highly qualified to carry out the espionage while maintaining the anonymity and sanctity of our clients. We serve our clients to solve civil, criminal, personal, and corporate cases. Our experts provide thorough and crucial investigation for any case we work on and our unmatchable commitment to service excellence ultimately ensures customer satisfaction.

We have developed an inimitable reputation based on local and national services, and build the eminence of being among the best private investigators in New Market, Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, London, Hamilton, and many other areas. We can do the investigations legally that an ordinary person can’t, like having access to the public and legal records for background checks. 

How we help our clients?

We provide our services for a wide range of cases for individuals, families, corporate, and legal clients. If you are worried about spousal infidelity, then our matrimonial and relationship investigations will help you through this tough time giving you the peace of mind that you need. Our workplace investigation team helps the management to pinpoint the wrongdoings and unethical activities of the employees.

You might be having serious business problems and, in that case, our corporate and commercial investigation services hop in to save you. We operate in several domains from workplace theft to organizational fraud investigations all of which are complex, discreet, and difficult to handle cases. Besides these, we offer a number of services like insurance investigations, skip tracing, electronic surveillance, background checks, litigation support, and many more.

Full-fledged investigation services

Facts Investigations provide full-fledged surveillance and investigation services to our clients. We work under-covered to help the catfished people to gather facts and proofs about the person under question either for personal, business, or legal purposes. We locate the fugitives, monitor their activities and social media accounts, gather information from public records, get in touch with potential information holders, take interviews, capture pictures, record videos, and much more.

Once we are satisfied that the required and enough information is collected about the person of interest, we make a fully-fledged report containing all the facts, proofs, legal documents, media, and shreds of evidence. 

The end-reports are customized and can change according to the scenario. Facts Investigations provide several pieces of training to its investigators in order to assure that their surveillance methods are up-to-date according to the changing trends. Get in touch with one of the best private investigators of New Market for professional assistance.


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Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!