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The attorneys, businesses, law professionals, and residents of Windsor put their trust in Facts Investigations to address concerns about their business, loved ones, employees, and personal matters. Our certified and professional investigators help you to dig into the roots of truth through our fact-based reports and a thorough collection of pieces of evidence. If you are in dire need to hire a private investigator for your convoluted issues, Facts Investigations have covered it all for you. 

Our history of top-notch services and A+ accreditation speaks about our dedication to our work. We aim to provide inimitable and idiosyncratic investigation and surveillance assistance for personal, corporate, or legal purposes. A person himself can’t handle the litigation processes and surely need to hire a private investigator to get the best and desired results.

With the growing number of scams and frauds in Windsor, the exigency to get assistance from a private investigator has elevated in the past few years. When you hire a private investigator for background checks, skip tracing, insurance frauds, WSIB frauds, locating a missing family member, litigation support, or any other pervasive issue, you want to ensure that your sensitive information will be handled with great care. Our investigators know how to deal with a person and how to work on a case while maintaining the secrecy of our clients.

Corporate Investigator Windsor

Facts Investigations has the privilege to be among the top-notch private investigators of Windsor due to our unmatchable services. A winning combination of extensive experience and sophisticated technology ensures the quality and accuracy of the investigation process. Working with a focus to keep intact the privacy and sanctity of our clients, our team of professional experts can be a well-rounded and one-stop solution to all your legal, personal, or corporate problems. 

Our surveillance experts carry out the monitoring and investigation process with full devotion. We collect all the related documental, media related, and phone records to provide a fully-fledged final report. We guarantee the accuracy of the proofs presented to our clients and the final investigation report is prepared abiding by all the legal laws. Hence, the fully-fledged final case report we provide is admissible to the court for legal proceedings. 

If you are in dire need to know the truth and looking to hire a private investigator, then you can, for sure, count on Facts Investigations. Contact us now to be in professional hands.


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Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!