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A private investigator is usually hired to investigate a specific case or situation on behalf of the hirer. Brampton is a beautiful city in Ontario’s area of Greater Toronto. To carry out the espionage, the private investigator is bound to investigate so many things about the hirer too. You need to hire the best private investigator to avoid compromised investigatory reports and results that don’t cater to the needs of the case. 

Facts Investigations can assist your case in the best possible ways, whether it is matrimonial litigation, insurance investigations, corporate frauds, employee theft, or industrial espionage. We are thoroughly apprised by the current matters of Brampton and, therefore, have the capabilities to investigate any case without compromising on the quality of results.

Choosing the best private detective in Brampton

What sets the best private investigator apart from the good one? We have scoured the following points to help you in this regard:

  • Valid license

You should assure that the private investigator you are considering to hire has a valid license. Because if the company isn’t licensed, then the proofs or evidence they will collect during the espionage will not be admissible to the court.

  • Liability insurance

Anything can happen during the investigation and your information can be dispersed to other persons. For this, you need to make sure that the investigator has the liability insurance to safeguard the interests and sensitive information of the client. 

  • Investigation skills

Different areas of investigations need different skillset. The best private investigators have different teams to monitor a wide variety of projects as that of Facts Investigations. To ensure that they can venture to your needs, you should ask them about their expertise.

  • Transparency

Professional investigators have a transparent and clear method of investigation that is in the better concerns of the clients. We, at Facts Investigations, have a set standard and policies to abide by. Being among the best private investigators, we provide clarity on the terms of services.

Facts Investigations’ highly skilled and professional investigators are capable of multi-tasking while ensuring the accuracy of the results at the same time. The competency of the investigators employed by the company and the reputation of the agency are the deciding factors to hire a private investigator. Our perseverance, dedication, commitment, and eagerness to dig into the truth, speak about our stature in the industry. 


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Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!