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Discretion, ethics, and service are significant values to us. For every time that the facts and nothing but the facts are sufficient, Facts Investigations is the partner that you need in your corner. Leaving no stone unturned, letting no detail fall by the wayside, pushing ourselves for your benefit, we always guarantee outstanding investigative service to all our clients.


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Our insurance investigators are experienced and well versed in insurance policy and law. They are committed to detecting and eliminating insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is any act made by someone to gain benefits or compensation that they are not entitled to. This could be a completely falsified claim or simply exaggerating facts to obtain greater compensation that otherwise would have been given. Our team of insurance investigators can investigate various types of insurance fraud such as the following:

  • Long term disability claims
  • Life & health investigations
  • Accident benefit claims
  • Bodily injury claims
  • Death claims

We have worked with many insurance companies to assist them in uncovering fraudulent claims. Our work is completed to the highest level of industry standards by using a variety of up-to-date investigative techniques. With our quality of work and analysis, we will not leave any client disappointed with their results. Some methods of investigation include but are not limited to the following:

  • Surveillance
  • Social media examination
  • Activity checks
  • Witness interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Neighbourhood inquiries

With the use of these techniques, our investigators will be able to analyze the data collected and confirm or refute the claimant’s account of the incident and/or injuries. All our findings will be gathered, and we will provide a written analysis report to the insurance company containing all discovered notes and media. This can then be presented in a court or negotiation setting. Moreover, every case is guaranteed to be promptly handled with the utmost professionalism. All cases are different and will be investigated according to case-specific circumstances. Give us a call today to discuss and receive professional advice from our experienced insurance investigators.


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Fraudulent insurance claims that falsify accidents need espionage. Most of the time the claimant might exaggerate the facts to illegally claim the insurance money. Some quotidian examples include putting forth the forged information about the injury, staging a theft, inflated medical bills, or arson incidents. Filing a falsified insurance claim can have serious ramifications if the insurance investigations or surveillance found a person guilty. 

Setting a huge blaze on a specific location is the most recurrent maneuver to forge accidental information or intentionally cause the collision analyst to file insurance claims. Insurers can be entrapped if they do not contemplate the trivial attributes of the incident. Most likely, the alleged fraudster may win the situation which then can cost the company money, time, and punitive damage. Insurance investigations are vital paraphernalia to curtail the insurance frauds in such cases.

Are you caught up in the same situation and looking for someone to assist you in insurance investigations? Facts Investigations is the trusted name in this regard. The insurer contacts us to evaluate whether the claimant’s filed insurance claim is authentic or not.

Several cases have reported fraudulent insurance claims where employees have deliberately hurt themselves, homeowners set their own houses on fire, labours faking the injury, and many more. Usually, quick surveillance can help you in getting all the related facts and vital information. Facts Investigations has special expertise in carrying out espionage while maintaining your righteousness. 

Carrying out an insurance investigation can be a strenuous task for an ordinary person or insurance company. Our prime focus is to detect, dissuade, drub, and defeat insurance frauds. We understand that collecting pieces of evidence is crucial for insurance fraud, therefore the process calls for secrecy. That is why our experts carry out espionage with extreme prudence, are well versed, professional, and highly experienced in detecting insurance frauds.

Once our investigators have collected all the required data and shreds of evidence, we provide a complete report package that can be submitted to the court. This package comprises all media including pictures, videos, social media reports, and a final investigations report.


Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!