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Discretion, ethics, and service are significant values to us. For every time that the facts and nothing but the facts are sufficient, Facts Investigations is the partner that you need in your corner. Leaving no stone unturned, letting no detail fall by the wayside, pushing ourselves for your benefit, we always guarantee outstanding investigative service to all our clients.


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What should you do when a person who has legal obligations to you skips a residential area and tries to escape? Skip tracing is the process of finding fugitives who do not want to be found by someone at their residential or usual hangout places. Debt collectors, bail bondsmen, repossession agents, bounty hunters, and journalists hire skip tracers in a variety of cities such as London, Toronto, Hamilton, Oakville, and other cities of Canada to find a person who is on a low lay. The missing person in these cases is known as a person of interest (POI).

When Should You Hire A Skip Tracer?

Fugitives attempt to escape for various personal or legal reasons such as to prevent fines, punishments, legal proceedings, financial obligations, and lawsuits. Hiring a skip tracer in Toronto, Sudbury, London, or Mississauga can be a daunting task. You might need a skip tracer to find a person of interest in the following situations:

  • When you want to keep an eye and trace the location of a debtor who has defaulted on the payment
  • As a lawyer/attorney, you must have to appear in the court and your client is missing
  • When a significant witness needs to be located for attorneys or legal proceedings
  • Ex-partners who are avoiding serving legal documents
  • A person who has broken the terms of their bail bonds 
  • Locating missing heirs of a property
  • To find the beneficiary of a will
  • Finding a runaway contractor
  • Tracing the biological parents 

If you are looking for the best skip tracer in Toronto, Sudbury, London, Mississauga, Windsor, and nearby areas, then you can count on Facts Investigations. We trace and locate the whereabouts of estranged persons while maintaining the secrecy and righteousness of our clients.

How Do We Operate?

We perform skip tracing by gathering information about the person in question. After thorough analysis and verification of the collected information, we then investigate the location of the person of interest. We start by examining the information available in public records to get an idea about the possible localities of the person. This is followed by background checks, monitoring, and surveillance. In the end, we provide a final report of all the collected information to our clients.


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Locating a witness for an accident or a crime scene is a frantic job. Sometimes the witnesses themselves are unaware of the fact that their statements can be a turning point in a legal proceeding. When it comes to a lawsuit, the words of a person/witness are very crucial. Our well-trained investigators have the required skills and expertise to divulge and locate the related evidence and witnesses.

Dodging legal papers and compiling a file is the best way to deal with a legal case. Facts Investigations have a reputed name to serve clients with hard-to-find information. Our mission is to provide a smooth, welcoming, and delightful experience to our clients. 

Once we have collected and assorted all the required data, documents, and shreds of evidence, we serve our clients with a full-fledged report package that includes media (pictures and videos), social media reports, and criminal and legal reports that can be submitted to the court.


Contact us, or call us at +1 (416) 655-3106, and get impenetrable investigation results!