I am hiring a private investigator for the first time, what should I expect?

First and foremost, private investigators don’t have full authority or control over legal matters. We also abide by the laws of the land and can’t trespass a property, detain or compel people for cooperating with our investigations. We are not magicians who can create evidence from thin air instantly or can read the mind of others. We will provide professional assistance and support to generate factual results.

Will my personal information be secure and kept confidential?

Absolutely, we will maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of our clients and the information collected. We execute the espionage with extreme sagacity and prudence. 

What information will be required to start infidelity investigations?

A piece of detailed information like recent photograph, subject’s schedule and office location, vehicle’s information, and reason for suspecting your partner. If you have conducted any surveillance for the person in the past, you should inform us. To ensure a safe and discreet investigation, we need to know if you have confronted your suspicions or have followed them. You should be honest and upfront in this regard and leave the rest to us.

What will I be getting at the end of the investigation?

After collecting all the proofs and evidence, we will provide a final formal report containing all the media (pictures and videos), legal documents, and surveillance reports. There are administration charges for this report so please contact us to know about the recent rates.

Can you locate someone for me?

Surely, we can. Our investigators have the specialized skills to skip trace a fugitive or to locate a missing family member.