If we get a chance to think like an intruder, we will put ourselves as an intruder and think about all the possibilities that will be a breakthrough for me to intrude in anyone’s home. This is the best way to resolve issues by going deep into the problem. You must be thinking that if we will think like an intruder, how can we improve workplace security? Because being an intruder, we would come across only those points that would be supportive for me to break in. In this article, we will let you know how to stop an intruder and what essential information you should keep secret from a burglar? Take a look

System Information should keep Secret

Being an intruder, try to get full system information through brand details. They can easily find out what they are looking for? No matter how many attempts they have tried. A detailed brand study can be harmful to your workplace security. Make sure the brand information is secret to prevent any burglary. What would we get by doing this? Brand details are easily searchable on the internet. They might discover several ways of resetting a factory, then obviously it would be difficult for you to deal with.

Possible modes of malfunctioning with Access Control

You need to ask some questions about yourself. We all know access control systems require swipe cards to enter the workplace for verification purposes. Can we have a duplicate copy of that card? Can we steal the pin number? Can we quickly get into the building, especially at lunchtime with many people? These are some queries that would be mostly searched by intruders who want to intrude.

So you have to decide whether you are going with the card system, choosing to have facial recognition, or some other advanced biometric system because these will not let anyone quickly get into the building directly. To reduce malfunctioning with access control systems, you have to eliminate the pin number system because your employees can quickly share with others.

Social Media Tracking

These days intruders don’t let go of any chance to track you even on social media. Make sure you are not giving them any clue through your recent check-ins. Just keep some details secret from them. Being an intruder, we will not leave any chance to follow. This is a strategy of an intruder to keep all the updates about you. Just ensure that you are not giving them a chance of doing anything. Is there any function or seminars at your workplace? And if you have already updated the participation of outsiders, intruders can probably quickly get into the building directly.

Scamming with your CCTV

Invaders keep themselves up to date through the latest technologies about cameras as ordinary people are used to doing that. Employees shouldn’t have access to the monitoring room. Only a few individuals should allow it. An intruder can quickly sabotage the security parameters by easily getting information about the camera technology. Management ensures no employee should have access to a Camera, and it is a priority to keep all the information secret regarding cameras.

Hire a Private Investigator

You can also hire a private investigator for the workplace to know about the activities of your employees. Are they sharing Secret somewhere else? What do they talk with each other? There are so many arises for which we need to hire an investigator. Make sure there is no delay in the investigation because it can only lead you to a pitfall. Investigator would keep a check on employees and their recent activities for the betterment of the workplace. Internal investigators would have other office duties as well so you can get the assistance of an external investigator. It would be much better.

These are some top practices that we get to know after placing myself in the place of a burglar. These queries need your practical answers. So by having answers to these, you can protect your workplace by giving your best. It’s difficult to say the latest technology wouldn’t let any intruder break-in. They achieve their false attempts quickly, so it’s up to you how will you keep your premises secure